Trevor Junker

Trevor Junker

Market Director, Realtor

I am Trevor, a passionate of the real estate industry. Father of 3 children whom I adore and that teach me everyday new things, I enjoy listening to people’s dreams and turning them into reality. I believe that the real estate industry is a very personal business sector which focuses on people’s comfort and intimate memories. As an Army Veteran, I know how important is to have a home to return to, a cozy place, clean and stable.

My experience taught me to pay close attention to people’s needs, to have the patience and dedication to turn their ideas into reality. It taught me to be careful with the things that really matter in life and that is: relationships. I carry this knowledge into my work and I take the time to find the right place for my clients. Whether it’s a 1 or 2 house tours or over 50 tours, I am eager to assist people in finding their dream home.

I am also a man of the outdoors, spending time with family and golfing.

Since I’m quite an attentive person when it comes to private life and work, I perfectly understand my clients’ specific needs. A house is a treasure box of our memories, after all.

Nice to meet you! Let’s find the home of your dreams!